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Our Alex Becker client saw extreme growth in his fashion line and wanted to take his store Heronation online. The high-end brand caters to a free-spirit audience, so it was important to have a website that reflected a strong sense of brand while also delivering on a modern user experience. Each product page needed to describe the product and provide high-resolution imagery while also catering to the modern online shopper’s necessities like a wishlist and filterable search results to find the right clothing.


Our web development scoped out a new, customized ecommerce platform that would make it easy to upload and organize products from a catalog. Search and filter options give users the ability to find clothes instantly on the site, while backend development allowed our client to set up featured items and promotions on the fly.

Shoppers would get a wishlist option to save their shopping lists and come back to the site to purchase. All of the graphics on the site needed to be styled in a way that was cohesive and represented the brand while also delivering responsive functionality for online shoppers on mobile. The ecommerce platform needed to cater to retail and provide extensive product description including spaces for materials and sizing.


The design of the website focuses on the brand’s flair with a minimalist navigation and clean theme that highlights the pieces rather than taking over the show. With high-resolution zoom features for clothing and accessories, the brand takes center stage and gives a fresh perspective on the entrepreneurial side of fashion. With unique products that range from clothing to cell phone accessories, the store’s design easily adapts to whatever the customer is looking for.

User Experience

With any ecommerce website, the user experience is key. With less friction points and a simple navigation, Heronation’s shoppers can easily navigate to their favorite products, select a size or option, and then add to cart. The shopping cart is completely secure and allows the customer see the items, prices, taxes, and promotional codes available. Checkout is simple, and users can save their information so they can log in again to look at previous orders or even check out their wishlist.


The web development team set out an aggressive launch date to get the site up and running fast. By partnering with the client on each design and development element, the team was able to focus on key elements that were important to the client and made it easier to complete the project in a step-by-step process. Here is a look at some of the features we focused on.

Large Full-Width Imagery

High-resolution, full-width images were important to the client’s brand and featured products. However, full-width images can be tricky with page speed optimization. Our development created a site that could minimize the download time of high-resolution images, which allowed for increased speed, while still providing large, full-width images of each product and design.

Sticky Navigation

At the top of the page, the sticky navigation brings shoppers to each product category or support option. We wanted to make it easy for shoppers to pick and choose from clothing to technology accessories. As the user scrolls, the navigation follows, giving the user easy access to each part of the website. At the top, you will always find the latest sales or freshly launched product, a necessary addition for the client’s events and promotional activities.

Product Pages and Responsive Size Chart

From male to female clothing to accessories and technology, Heronation offers diverse products to its audience. Each page can be filtered by product type, such as t-shirts or pants to colors and sizes. You can also search the store for any products. Each product page had several pieces with a photo gallery for each product, description, sizing chart, and customization options. The size chart on each product page provides a diagram as well as the size, width, and length for each.

Account Features & Wishlist

Heronation’s fanbase is growing but already members wanted to sign up to see new products and start shopping. In order to build a database of followers and customers, we created a simple account dashboard that users could use to view their order history, track orders, create wishlists, and much more.

Accounts could be created using a simple form that asked for their name, email address, and password. Once created, the shopper has complete access to the store and can continue shopping, while Heronation now has a direct communication to their shoppers with the ability to share and send new products to their email address.


Heronation wanted to launch a new online store quickly that highlighted its brand aesthetic and was easily accessed from any device. In addition, our development team added in social media sharing features, newsletter subscriber signup, and online account creation so that Heronation could tap into its customer base for marketing. The social feed on each page shows off customers in their latest Heronation gear, which offers new shoppers an easy view into the brand’s perspective and customer testimonials.

The client was able to launch the new brand and products with a promotion, sharing the website across multiple channels and generating a huge response from shoppers who had been clamoring for an online store.

As a mobile responsive ecommerce site, our developers also focused on security and page speed. Heronation is now online and bringing that entrepreneurial dream to mobile shoppers everywhere.

Web Development

Extremely easy to work, easily one of the best contractors. Team maintained a high degree of communication and was always keeping us in the loop on all project developments and deadlines. All projects came in on time or earlier and PM made himself available at whatever time we needed him if we had to have a meeting to discuss various aspects of the project with other teams members. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Nov 8, 2017
Alex Becker

Alex Becker

Dallas, Texas, USA
Founder, Market Hero & Heronation

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