Fulfillman: DropShipping App for a Logistics Company

Fulfillman: DropShipping App for a Logistics Company

The client is a global fulfillment and drop shipping company based in China. The client had an existing app, but this app didn’t have the functionality Fulfillman needed. When searching for a web application development company, Fulfillman said they chose us for our ability to deliver clean, bug-free code with advanced functionalities. They asked us to design an original app that would enhance the user experience and streamline the logistics of drop shipping.

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Client Brief

Fulfillman wanted a drop shipping app that would integrate easily with ecommerce retailers, carriers, shippers and other service providers through Zapier. They needed a mobile-first approach to manage stores, order branded packages, track deliveries, analyze profits, track business expenses and monitor vital business interests.

The app also had to make it easy for suppliers and retailers to communicate about orders and track transactions from WooCommerce, Amazon and other ecommerce retailers.

User Roles

Our custom web application development service produced a drop shipping app with a web-based CRM that improved the experience for all users along the logistics chain.



Shipping and logistics managers can oversee retailers, stores and SKUs to track their inventory. The app allows them to communicate with suppliers and carriers. Managers can set pricing controls for shippers based on delivery zones, product, parcel dimensions and distance. The app makes it easy with instant access to daily Google rates.

Built-in filtering systems allow managers to track their branded packages and other services with analytics that instantly measure top-selling products, total profits, operating expenses, refunds and other financial details.



Using the CRM web application, retailers can create an account on the mobile app and connect to several stores at once. Instead of tracking orders one store at a time, the app delivers real-time notifications about cancellations, shipment slowdowns and other important logistics updates.

That’s just the start of the app’s functionality. Retailers can print shipping labels and check notifications instantly. Robust analytics provide detailed knowledge of SKUs, cancellation requests, incoming orders, profits and operating expenses. It’s an all-in-one solution for retailers and suppliers.



Like retailers, suppliers can use the app’s features to manage their supply chain and logistics. The app allows them to link stores and ecommerce sites and see updated ordering information instantly.

They get access to advanced analytics that track their profits and expenses. These analytics provide real-time updates suppliers need about shipping delays, pricing and currency changes, retailer inventory and other key facts.

UI and UX Design

Our custom web application development process begins with a thorough analysis of the client’s needs. Because speed and ease of use were critical, we created a design that was powerful and intuitive. Every component, color and graphic element contributed to an interface that would be instantly usable while reducing errors during use.


As a web application development company, we understand the importance of a clean, attractive design. When we thought about UI design for this client, we considered who would use the app.

The app had to be easy to read in the settings where suppliers, shippers, warehouse managers and retailers needed updated information constantly. We incorporated large, bright text, clearly labeled buttons and one-click bars for effortless navigation of the app.

Technology Solutions

Our web app development services used a combination of advanced software features and the most innovative, handcrafted application programming interfaces (API). We used private, in-house code applications to make them work.

We developed a Shopify API that included Shopify webhooks for receiving store orders. Our software team developed this API on the Django framework using Python. We then attached the API to the CRM web application.

To complete the custom web app development, we used these APIs:

  • Shopify_python_api library to work with the Shopify API.
  • Yanwen API
  • Yunexpress API
  • Huashan API
  • Rabbitmq and celery to work with queues and crones.
  • Sendgrid API to work with mail and notifications.
  • Logz API for site logging.
Fulfillman_Dedicated Store Management

Dedicated Store Management

Many retailers have more than one shop they need to track. For owners of several locations, our CRM web application is the perfect solution. It includes a filtration system that allows them to connect with each individual shop to track its orders, fulfillment, SKUs and inventory.

A built-in, easy-to-use notification system alerts retailers when they are running low on branded packages or top-selling inventory. It also sends alerts when the retailer’s bank balances drop too low to pay existing suppliers or other bills. Retail owners and managers can make corrections, add funds or put orders on hold, and they can do it all while they’re on the go.

Fulfillman_Order Management

Order Management

The web-based CRM is rich in the functionality suppliers and retailers need. Every seller, shipper, courier and store manager can monitor sales, profits, expenses, refunds, discounts, taxes, shipping fee changes and other factors. The app provides online shipping and delivery updates. One-button touch makes cancellations and other functions fast and simple.

Fulfillman_SKU Management

SKU Management

Retailers frequently need to restrict their shipping policies. They may have to exclude certain regions for legal reasons, or they may want to use different shipping methods for international deliveries. SKU management allows the retailer to use specific SKUs that automatically trigger different shipping treatments.

Use of SKUs to track sales allows retailers to see the profit on each sale and each product. That helps them keep the inventory of their most profitable items in stock, and SKU management is key to inventory management.

Fulfillman_Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Shipping and delivery are the most important elements of any logistics business. Accurate, real-time tracking of shipments is essential to keeping customers informed and shippers on track. Logistics managers, retailers, carriers and suppliers can pinpoint the status of every order with the help of this custom app.

Fulfillman_Carrier Management

Carrier Management

The logistics world is served by hundreds of large and small individual carriers. These carriers have their own regulations and tracking systems. With a multilevel carrier management function, the app allows users to see the carrier, parcel weight and destination of every delivery. Retailers and suppliers can create shipping prices for retailers that also include each supplier’s profit margins and registration fees.


The results showed what can happen when you blend outstanding design and expert web app development services. The client needed a highly functional app that would streamline the complicated, multilayered fulfillment and shipping business. Our custom app makes it easy for managers at every stage of the logistics journey to get the accurate information they need.

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