Website Maintenance

Now that you’ve got your great new website up and running, how do you keep it updated? Modern technology demands constant updates and attention. When you partner with Web Design Sun, we provide website maintenance service so you can focus on other things. As a website maintenance company, Web Design Sun has developed a seamless way to integrate ongoing updates into every project. Working with us, you never have to worry that your website or app will become obsolete.

Website Maintenance

Why You Need Website Maintenance

You know it’s important to have a powerful, well-designed product. Your business depends on an online presence that draws in customers, converts them into buyers, and increases your profitability. We design and launch a website that can do that for you, but that’s only the beginning. A great website is like a fine car. It may look stunning and perform flawlessly, but it needs maintenance to stay at that level after years of use. Repairs and maintenance are an integral part of keeping a car or a website running. In today’s world, the software can quickly become obsolete. Regular updates will ensure that doesn’t happen to your site.

Here Are The Top Reasons You Need Ongoing Repairs


 Fixing Bugs

Most software has a few bugs when it is first launched into the world. That’s part of the development process. Our updates can smooth away the bugs by fixing the problems they reveal.



As your business grows, can your website keep up? Software that could handle 1000 transactions a day might be fine when you start. What happens when it has to handle that many an hour? Growth is part of any successful business, and your website needs to keep up.


Technology and Platform Changes

Most software needs regular updates. You’ve probably experienced automatic updates to your computer’s operating system. Those updates keep everything working the way it was designed to work. Our software updates do the same for your website.

Here’s The Process We Follow To Ensure Smooth Updates


Step 1: Diagnosis

When you visit your doctor, you expect a clear diagnosis of what’s wrong with you. As an expert website maintenance company, we analyze your website and perform a thorough checkup to determine what’s wrong. Website maintenance, app maintenance and software maintenance all begin with an analysis of the software’s current condition.

Code Review

Code review refers to a process where code writers review each other’s work to find mistakes. Why is this important?

Software is written by humans. That means even the best software is bound to have some human errors. You can sometimes see those errors when the software is performing. Regular updates can help you smooth out the bugs.

Code review takes that a step further. With code review, programmers check each other’s work to find blind spots they missed. They convene to produce software that’s as error-free as possible.

Code review requires three steps:

  • Syntax review
  • Debugging
  • Checking logs

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance should be part of the website development process from day one. At Web Design Sun, it is. We provide regular testing to ensure our software works correctly. We provide the most thorough QA testing in the industry as part of our website maintenance service. It covers:

  • Cross-platform testing
  • Responsiveness
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Site optimization
  • W3C markup validation
  • SEO validation
  • QA design

UI and UX Testing

Testing the user experience is critical to developing a bug-free website. These tests give us insight into the way bugs and slowdowns in your website might be costing you.

UI refers to user interface. That’s the measure of how easy it is for customers to use your site. A site that’s easy to navigate attracts customers. It’s also more likely to convert them into buyers. Testing your UI ensures the interface is helping you maintain customers.

UX banner

Do customers enjoy using your website? Can they find what they need easily? Are the functions seamlessly integrated?

Websites with bad UX are websites that customers abandon. Like an abandoned store, an abandoned website will struggle to stay in business.

Step 2: Improvements and Repairs

Diagnosis is the first step in website maintenance service. The next step is to repair every bug, error and blind spot we find. We are more than a website design company. We’re also a website maintenance company that can perform repairs and optimize performance.

Our web maintenance service includes:

  • Security check
  • Performance enhancing
  • Bug tests
  • Documentation
  • Technology updates
  • New features implementation

 Step 3: Enhanced Website Design or Development

Some problems require more than basic software maintenance or app maintenance. As an experienced website maintenance company, we offer a deeper level of performance enhancement. Software maintenance is key to peak performance of your website.

  • Improvements

    Site Improvements

    Are you hearing the same comments or complaints from customers about your site? Maybe your employees have offered suggestions for improving customer engagement. These suggestions and complaints could point to needed improvements in your site’s software.

  • update

    Product and Service Updates

    Change is a natural part of any business’s growth. You can’t stay profitable if you’re static. When you offer new products or services, your website must also grow and change. Changes to your pricing, logistics, shipping or delivery of services can all suffer. With our website maintenance service, your site will evolve to meet every additional need.

  • maintenance

    Interactivity Maintenance

    Changing technologies can leave your website’s interactive elements behind. If your website’s elements don’t work on every device and browser, you will lose credibility. You’ll also lose customers. Nobody wants a website that looks old-fashioned and is difficult to use.

    Your business can’t afford an outdated website. Clumsy, old-fashioned sites have a high bounce rate, which is the measure of how many people leave your site after only visiting one page. A high bounce rate indicates people aren’t getting the experience they want when they visit your site.

    Website maintenance can ensure your site gives users the service and experience they want. Regular maintenance will find and fix problems before they cause you to lose customers. Our website maintenance service will reduce your site’s bounce rate and make your website a powerful representation of your brand.

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