Market Hero Website Development

Market Hero Website Development

How do you streamline social, email, and automation for a truly fluid customer experience? Market Hero came to us with an idea to create an application to help agencies be more efficient with their time and please clients at the same time. So he needed a User Interface development for a web application with KPIs accessible at any time and clients are able to see where their marketing dollars are helping them create new revenue and acquire new customers as well. We were all in.

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So client needed to build a solution that clearly showed how ROI, automation, optimization, and engaging design could change the way that businesses and agencies communicated with customers. From the beginning, we wanted to built a site that was made to convert. With conversion rate optimization, the site has to load fast, focus on customer-winning elements, and explore the product just as the customer would. From purchasing a product to signing up a free trial, the site also had to support the client’s acquisition goals as well.

Style and Vibe

How We Optimized the Site

With a quick turnaround in mind, we wanted to create a fast, responsive website that would look great on any device. The site’s structure didn’t encompass hundreds of pages, so every page had to show off design while also delivering content that was optimized for search engines and the way users consume content today. With a number of different videos and expressive designs, would have a number of visuals that needed to load quickly with a few CSS animations to draw the eye and entertain while still delivering important information.


Navigation and Layout

The website had several key areas that Market Hero wanted to focus upon. These included:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Blog
  • API
  • About
  • Jobs
  • Training

Technologies Used

When building a responsive website that is just as effective on mobile as desktop, we wanted to use a platform known for its optimization. WordPress offers a responsive framework that can be customized using HTML, PHP, and CSS 3.0. Our development team coded each page of the site to help the user slide down the page, bringing in animations, eye-popping call-to-action, and other elements that jumped off the page at the user.

In addition, the features page had additional customization. To create the animated elements in the header and a tabbed slider, we chose CodeIgniter 3.0, Bootstrap, and Ajax. The header needed to show each element and link to a video that explained each product with in-depth statistics and how-to content that expressed the value of the software.


Introducing Market Hero Stream Builder

Reporting is one of the biggest responsibilities that an agency can have to a client and itself. For one, you want to be able to report success as well as areas of improvement, and you also want an automated process to send reports when they’re ready. However, that takes a lot of time. What if you could look at reports and track ROI in real-time?

ROI in Real-Time

See Your ROI in Real-Time

The development team recognized that there was a better way to combine ROI and lead generation tracking with a customized dashboard. The user interface is designed to track all of the different streams that our clients have with our marketing team. This includes Google ads, Facebook, and other advertising networks all combined into one easily accessible view.


We all know that clients love being able to see the success of their campaigns. Now, they can click on any channel where they are advertised to track the number of leads, revenue, and traffic from a single campaign or multiple campaigns at once. The dashboard can customized to serve up any kind of metric, so it’s completely tailored to the interest of the client.

client “Stream” dashboard

With a new client “Stream” dashboard, Market Hero’s clients are able to:

  • Set up KPIs most important to clients
  • See every active and inactive campaign
  • Track revenue for each campaign
  • See impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions
  • Customize downloadable reports
  • Track email revenue, opens, and bounces
  • Many other amazing customizable features


Market Hero needed to complete a several goals

  • an optimized website that showed off the fluidity of its product;
  • a Stream Builder Dashboard User Interface Development.

With a straightforward navigation, every page was designed to invoke an immediate response with customized animations, bright call-to-actions, and responsive development that would load quickly and dynamically on any device.

Also while client dashboards used to be clunky and expensive to create, this interface is streamlined and responsive. Clients will be able to access it at any time and even download reports to share with other stakeholders at their company. This helps them show their marketing goals are on track. It’s always good when you make your client look great and help them show how marketing benefits the company as a whole.

From start to finish, we partnered with Market Hero on every detail so that the end result met all of their requests. Now Market Hero has an application to empower its business goals and a site that serve as the central access point for client acquisition.

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