Why Choose Python for Your Next Web Development Project

Why Choose Python for Your Next Web Development Project

21 Feb 2020 15 min read

When it comes to web development, what actually motivates web development teams to go with one programming language over another for a certain project?

It’s a question for a non-technical person as one has to rely on the technical partner and should consider the list of criteria and weigh up all the pros and cons of each option. Below we made the list that may help you to make a decision when considering Python for your next web development project.

What motivates a programmer to choose one language over another?

According to a new report, Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It can be used for high-level programming as well as specific projects that need to integrate with other languages like Java or .NET. Python is also useful for developing web applications, GUI projects, websites, and mobile apps. In addition, the simple syntax rules of the language make it easier to maintain an application using a more readable codebase.

Top Companies Using Python Today

  • Spotify: The streaming music app uses data to manage radio and music discovery options.
  •  Instagram: The social media network uses Python to help with over four million active users sharing, editing, storing, and creating new photos every second.
  •  Disqus: Known as the comment plugin, it can process about 50 million comments each month thanks to Python.

For What Projects Choose Python Language

Python is used for a wide variety of applications and other web projects. Most industries have used the Python language to create incredible mobile apps for travel, transportation, healthcare, finance management, and many other projects that involve testing and scripting software.

Pros: Why Use Python for Web development

There are several reasons why many developers learn and use Python as their first language. A few of theses factors include:


Low Entry Requirements

Python is very similar to the way the English language is used every day. The simple form of Python syntax allows you to create intricate systems and still keep all elements in well-defined relationships with each other. Thanks to the way Python is organized, more newbie coders are able to learn Python quickly and jump into web development even faster.

Visual Language

With different charts and plotting points, Python libraries make it possible for businesses to visualize data and create reports with easy-to-understand charts. For example, Matplotlib helps businesses break down and comprehend all kinds of data, which is important for any Python web development company.

Easy to Read

Python is typically the first language that many developers learn because it’s so widely used. There are so many uses for the code, and it even helps developers working on the same project to be faster and more efficient.

Asynchronous Coding

Many applications and web projects today call for asynchronous code. This is because Python has been fully researched and used so widely that each piece of code runs separately, allowing you to handle and code for different situations and resolving problems at a faster rate.

Opt for Less-Limited Programming

Compared to other languages like JavaScript, Python uses an approach known for less-limited programming. This means that it has several paradigms that support all kinds of programming needs, whether for a procedural, fungal, or object-oriented project. Startups frequently use Python because new businesses often have to pivot quickly to a new approach.

For this reason, this approach offers even more benefits for programmers including:

Faster Development Times

Python is considered the best language for rapidly developing projects. However, many developers also use it for prototyping and new iterations of projects. This makes it much easier for developers to produce new code while also making developers more productive.

OOP Becomes Super Easy

With object-oriented programming (OOP), a paradigm is created that organizes various behaviors and properties into different classes and objects. Each of the classes includes a function tied to it, so if there was an error in part of the code, the other parts are unaffected. Most developers see how simple OOP is with Python, which saves time and money for new web development projects.

Robust Library and Environment

You can find every kind of Python library online through GitHub or many other open source communities. It has a large amount of pre-written code, so developers do not have to spend time creating basic items anymore. The language has been used so much that these libraries make it so programmers can handle and transform data easily in a Machine Learning (ML) environment.

Why Programmers Use Python for Enterprise Application Integration

Python is one of the most widely used choices for enterprise software applications. Most developers know this to be true because of its smooth integration with many other languages, such as PHP, .NET, and Java.

The way that Python works include calls from and to Java, C code, or C++ allows for more process control and implementation when using different data forms and the most common protocols. This is most important to building infrastructure for web projects while still integrating older fragments that are often necessary, particularly when creating mobile applications for business websites.

How Web Development Works with Python Frameworks

There are many frameworks within Python that make the development process more streamlined. Some of these frameworks include:



For full-featured web apps and other scalable projects, Django is the perfect framework that has several built-in features, allowing for re-usage of code, modifications of different components, and adding functionality to simplify the web development altogether. It also works well with databases like MySQL, Oracle SQL, and PostgreSQL.


Not sure what you might need in the future? You can start small and build up as needed with the scaling framework known as Pyramid. It works with all kinds of databases, applications, and plugins. Developers can typically add whatever functionality necessary to finish the project, especially when you need to implement several different functions in one application.


Developers like using TurboGears because you can write basic or complex applications using the bare minimum or full-stack options. It consists of a few elements such as WebOb, Repoze, and Genshi. TurboGears is based on MVC architecture, which makes it extremely fast and efficient for building web applications.


When developers want to customize every little piece of code, it can be problematic, but Flask makes this simple and manageable. It’s a microframework that is most often used with unique solutions in need of lean functionality. Flask is mostly used for creating prototypes.

Wide Uses of Python in Scientific and Numeric Applications

There are a number of libraries and packages available for creating scientific and numeric applications. Many coders also develop toolkits such as MayaVi and VTK 3D using Python. Some of the most commonly used toolkits used with Python include SciPy, iPython, Numeric Python, Natural Language Toolkit, and Pandas.

Influence on Machine Learning and AI

More businesses are turning to applications that rely on automated actions through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). More developers are trying to automate functions so that they are smarter and more agile. However, this is only possible if you use a programming language that can work with all kinds of ML packages and tools. This is exactly why Python is so often built into AI applications.

Application Scripting and Testing Software with Python

Python has always integrated with Java, C++, and C seamlessly. It is useful for application testing and scripting for that reason. Since it can be embedded from the beginning, Python is useful for working with larger applications and making extensions.

You can also see Python’s influence on test automation. Many quality assurance automation specialists work with Python because it is so easy to learn. If you have a technical background, you can learn Python fairly quickly thanks to its organization and vast libraries with documentation. However, it’s best known for its simple testing frameworks.

Prototyping and Testing

In addition, Python helps developers create interesting and complex prototype projects in a fast and simple way. With the flexibility and fastidiousness of the language, it is used for simple code refactoring and fast progress from the initial test prototype to transitioning into a final, ready-to-be-implemented product.

Perks of Open Source Development

With its open-source license, users can easily access and look at ways to create redistribution and unrestricted changes. Developers may also freely use the language and add to its improvement through open source communities.

Simple Syntax and Server-Side Scripting

One of the most well-known benefits of using Python for server-side scripting is that it has an easy-to-use syntax, which turns up the speed for the entire project. The code uses functional modules and facilitates connections between those modules, which makes it easy for programmers to execute an algorithm based on what the user needs or what actions they are taking.

Portability and Integrations

With fast prototyping and dynamic syntax, Python makes portability and integrations quite easy. It can easily and seamlessly work with all kinds of apps, even ones that are programmed in a different language. Developers use Python to frequently add new modules and extend the core vocabulary for Python. This is why it is often referred to as the “glue language.”

The Cons of Using Python for Web Development

When looking at all of the pros to Python, it’s hard to imagine that there are many issues, but it may not be the best solution for every project. Here are some of the cons we have discovered with Python so far:


Few Seasoned Python Developers

In comparison to languages like PHP or Java, Python does not have the same seasoned developers. It can be difficult to find true masters of Python who will work on smaller projects or necessary modules. However, you can typically find more expert Python programmers by working on GitHub.

No Multiprocessor Support

When writing an application, most developers want multiprocessing. However, Python does not support it, even though it is more flexible and agile than many other languages.

Speed Limitations

One of the main criticisms of Python is that its slower than some of its compiled pieces, such as Java and C/C++ languages. This is mainly because of the different methods that are used to translate and implement the code. There are still some parts of Python that are faster than C and C++, however.

Python is not unlike speed problems incurred with Ruby-on-Rails, Perl, and even JavaScript. Developers continue to work on improving Python, which is why it’s still one of the best choices for software development.

Not the Best for Mobile Applications

While it is not the worst language to use for mobile applications, many companies want native development or React Native when it comes to mobile, rather than using Python. This is why it’s harder to find developers who work on Python mobile projects.

Not the Best for Memory Conservation

Python uses all kinds of data types so that it stays flexible, but that means it’s also a huge memory eater and makes it inconvenient to use if you already have memory issues with your application.

Limitations for Design

One of the worst things about Python is that it cannot be used if you have a project with lots of elements. Python is typed out dynamically, which means that specific tasks are executed during the app runtime. However, this would be different from a static language This places significant restrictions on the design. The design may also suffer and not look as streamlined if you need parallelism.

Wrapping Up: Should You Use Python for Your Project?

As a Python web development company, we know that using Python is best for quick scripting in addition to large scale enterprise software for major companies. It’s flexible and easy to use for a variety of applications. In addition, Python has so much documentation and open-source libraries that anyone can learn it.

Python is most noted for its code readability as well. You can easily understand the language, and it’s well-structured and simple. The community behind Python also makes it hassle-free and easy to implement from the very beginning. There are always multiple supporting documents and groups to handle just about every application that has been developed with the language before.

If you are working on a web application and need help with Python, we have some of the best developers with experience in Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, and many other languages.

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