Why You Should Register Trademarks For Your Business

Why You Should Register Trademarks For Your Business

19 Jul 2019 4 min read

Why you should better consider registering trademarks for your business. Your company needs protection. There is no better way to keep your intellectual property safe than with a trademark. There are many elements of your company that you can protect in this way. Anything from your logo to your slogan can be owned by you and your brand, safe from the competition.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should look into trademark registration.

  1. Your trademark will never expire.
    That’s right. You will have the right to your trademarked property forever.
  2. It is affordable!
    Although the process may not be very simple at first, it is not expensive. You will not need to budget a lot of money for trademark registration.
  3. It protects your ideas from being stolen or copied.
    A trademark makes your ideas safe from thieves and imposters. Your ideas are YOUR ideas.
  4. A trademark registration will allow your business to properly use the Internet. Especially social media.
    Today, the right to use your ideas and information freely on the internet is something that you can’t successfully operate without.
  5. Trademarks are a valuable asset to any brand.
    Your company’s assets will increase with a trademark registration. It is worth every penny.

7 things that you can trademark for your business

  1. Company Name
    Your company is not like any other. Don’t let it be taken from you!
  2. Words
    Does your brand have a slogan? Or even a signature product that you would not want to be imitated? This constitutes a trademark.
  3. Symbols
    Your logo is what people use to identify your brand. Don’t let them confuse your company with another that uses the same one.
  4. Packaging
    The way you present your product is important. It is the last form of marketing that your customer will see. Protect it.
  5. Color schemes
    Your brand’s colors should not be copied. They are unique to your company and should not be used by a competitor.
  6. Experiences
    Sensory experiences, including sights, sounds, and smells, can be claimed as your own.
  7. Movements
    Even sets of movements can be trademarked. Your choreography can be protected.

How to register a trademark

Trademark registration can be made much easier with the right resources. The help of expert professional lawyers is highly advised and will make everything run more smoothly. The corporate department at Lexidy Law Boutique has experience with trademark and is qualified to do the work for you. They will speak your language and answer all of your questions so that you are fully aware of each step of the process. Protect your business and your intellectual property with care and ease.  Also you might be interested to get more information about web development agreement checklist.

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