SEO Education Platform for Gotch SEO

SEO Education Platform for Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO called upon our digital agency to build a new website with online courses, articles, interesting features, and tons of SEO content. We partnered with Gotch’s team to create design a minimalist website that was responsible, mobile-friendly and had an easy-to-use interface.

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There were multiple pieces to the design including an online academy where users could go to learn the basics and advanced principles of SEO according to Gotch’s methods. This was an exciting project that allowed us to see just how important SEO is to every business and how design can influence a user’s experience in the education world.

Our team created a solution that focused on funnel-driven design with an accent on learning modules as well as focusing on Gotch’s expertise as an SEO leader.

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Designing the New Gotch SEO

With many great ideas, we worked on a wireframe for the academy site and Gotch’s informational hub site. The academy would incorporate a mobile-ready user interface where students can take courses, while the other site informed visitors about Gotch’s SEO methods and included a blog about specific topics in SEO.

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UX Elements

The site needed to feature content-rich elements with easy-to-read text, video, and image styles. In addition, the color scheme would delight the eyes, allowing readers to easily scroll down the page and pick out call-to-actions that would grab their attention. Our designer’s goal was to get everyone who visited to sign up for the SEO course.

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The New Training Area

The training area allowed students to enroll online in just one click. Visitors would also be able to purchase a course in SEO as well. Each course was taught online through different modules that were stored in a database. Our developers worked on the back-end to ensure that students could easily go through each module, learning about the fundamentals of SEO as well as some advanced tricks that Gotch had learned during his time in the industry.

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High-Converting Lead Funnels

Form design is essential to converting a new visitor into a buyer. We used multiple call-to-actions on and the training academy to bring in visitors and collect leads. The forms are simple to use and work on mobile, which means that any campaign online would have a higher rate of success.

The funnel for the training academy is extremely important. Without an email address, students can complete the course. Students sign up within two clicks and confirm their email address to unlock the free course. They can then go through each module online, learning about different methods to SEO.

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There are also newsletter sign-up forms and a contact form. These leads allow Gotch to send marketing emails after visitors come to the site. We placed these forms in strategic areas with color block design elements to draw the visitor’s eye and used attention-grabbing messaging in the call-to-action.

In Conclusion

The point of a great website is that it draws you in from the very beginning and feeds the visitor what they crave. In this case, every visitor should feel that Gotch is an expert on SEO and can help them build a web enterprise on their own using his techniques. Each page of the website feeds into the funnel, bringing visitors closer to Gotch as a mentor and driving visitors to become students. With online courses, Gotch goes a step further than competitors because he provides something of value to his users.

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