Custom Auto Shipping Website

Custom Auto Shipping Website

Our client wanted a site that was completely customized with several pages for services, about, shipping calculators, and a blog. The customer needed to be able to quickly go from the homepage to researching how auto shipping would work for them using a customized calculator experience. The calculator would need to do a couple of things besides collecting basic information. Our developers would need to create several fields with predictive search where users could enter the type of vehicle or craft that they were shipping, as well as calculate domestic and international shipping rates.

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Getting Started: Building a Responsive Auto Shipping Site

Our designers and developers worked with the client to understand all needs. The site had several pieces, but the main focus was the calculator and showing the process of the transfer. It was important to create a trust for the customer who would be shipping very valuable items potentially anywhere in the world.

Ultimately, we decided to customize the site using WordPress. This would allow for the most responsive design while also giving the client an easy CMS to work with in the future. With WordPress, the client would be able to add content, modify pages, update the blog, and incorporate other plugins and webhooks.

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Design of the Site

The design for the same needed to focus on the types of cars that could be transported and how the process worked. However, the home page design would be wrapped around a calculator that the user could easily engage with to set up a transfer instantly online. By creating a responsive design, the calculator would work across all devices, allowing a customer to input location to location, type of vehicle or craft, make and model, country, and so forth.

Color Changer

Client is able to change colors of the website theme using the WordPress Color Switch Feature. It allows to change unique elements on the website to a different color on the fly.

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Conversion Optimization

The design mainly draws the users into the calculator to get started on a transfer. The calculator is designed to instruct and deliver the results to the shopper so that they can get a quote on shipping, then move straight on to purchasing a transfer. The client wanted this part to be the most simple of the site so that users on mobile and desktop could easily move through the platform to get the quote.

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Calculator Design and Development

The calculator uses a custom API that records data inputs and delivers them to the client’s CRM, where a live chat can be opened to finish the transfer. This is the latest way that many retailers are handling quote-based purchases that have a variety of steps. You can now see AI messenger scripts on many sites that take you through an entire process by allowing the customer to chat and pay through a live agent. This format works well for mobile and desktop users because it takes away all of the work for the user.

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With custom SVG icons and a color scheme using the Theme Customizer API, we created a branded identity that was clearly focused on the process of auto transfers. The icons help display each part of the process in a user-friendly way that doesn’t detract too much from the calculator form.


Building an auto transport website design from scratch is not an easy task, but our creative team was up for the challenge. With quick turnaround, our team utilized HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Bootstrap3, AJAX Libraries API, jQuery, GSAP, Theme Customizer API, and Google Maps API to build a responsive website. Our team also provided a custom webhook application for the shipping calculator. As the client wanted to base the website around this calculator funnel, we made sure to optimize for conversion and make it as simple as possible to use.

The calculator uses predictive search and dropdowns so that the user can easily select the vehicle that they want to ship and get a quote based on the destination and weight.

Our creative team worked with the client to define brand identity and technology needed, then quickly developed a scope for the project. The site will be launched soon and kickstart a new way for car buyers and traders to ship vehicles anywhere.

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