YourOnlineBillBoard Design And Development

YourOnlineBillBoard Design And Development

Have you ever wanted to buy your online billboard? YOBB is a new website where you can advertise for just $1 and get leads, as well as earn rewards for advertising through the Your Online Billboard platform. Have you ever wanted to advertise on a page with a quick uploader? If you have a banner ad that needs an audience, you can use or YOBB to make it happen. You can promote your products, services, ideas, and other advertising online, and YOBB helps you do that with a modern online ad design.

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About the project

If you’re an advertiser with YOBB, you’ll be featured in the Hall of Fame section, where advertisers are ranked based on how much they earn. You can also take a place on the board just by clicking “Take This Place” and uploading your banner. It’s a simple way to be more visible on the page, but you can also see how you compare to other advertisers on YOBB.

There are several sections on the YOBB site where you can feature your ads.

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This section shows all of the ads for each day from the beginning of time and how well they performed. While it looks like a simple graphic, this took time to code so that it would be responsible and update in real-time.

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Buy Billboard for Just $1

You can purchase any advertising space on the YOBB site for just $1 currently. While some sites have done this tactic before, YOBB is the first site to actually style it like a modern billboard within a city design that works in your browser. There are multiple placements throughout the city. They are placed within a responsive, interactive city design that lets you advertise on the buildings or at bus stops.

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Hall of Fame

This is a special section for all legacy advertisers to show how well they did while advertising on YOBB. You’ll see all of the top advertisers in this section broken down by their earnings and the amount of time spent on the YOBB website. Each ad links to your landing page and can earn money incrementally.

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You can read all about the YOBB project and how it started, as well as how to purchase your own billboard space. This page walks you through how it works with a step-by-step look at each feature of the website. You’ll also learn how to become an affiliate of the YOBB page. The contact page is your connection to give feedback or request help from YOBB. You can also ask for more information from the developers of the project. You can easily head back to the home page and see all of the banner placements as well as new ads.

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Payment System on YOBB

To buy an ad on YOBB, you simply click on “Buy Billboard for Just $1.” This creative design was meant to drive people directly towards an easy all-in-one uploader, where you can specify everything you need to make your ad look great on the website.

In this section, you can upload your video or image, add title and links, set the duration, and select a state date. You can also choose how to be notified. It takes only a few minutes to use this simple uploader, and the price is always $1.


YOBB is a new concept that allows advertisers to easily buy space on a fast-rising platform for online advertising. The unique design of the webpage makes it look just like a city, where ads display naturally on billboards and buildings. With this interactive design, the page allows advertisers to be creative with their videos and ads, while taking advantage of some nearly free online advertising space.

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