Web Design SunFounded in 2012,Web Design Sun has been developing exceptional websites for several years now. Our design philosophy is a blend of coding prowess and artistry, the pooling of every resource we have at hand to breathe life into client ideas. To this end, our professional team of web programmers is dedicated to applying the latest web tools, industry standard coding, and technical know-how to translate an initial notion into a dynamic website. Having boasted of our technical prowess, we’re no dry manufacturers of one-dimensional web design concepts. Our experienced managers coordinate team talent to tie ideas and technical aspects together with artistic flare to ensure the final website is absolutely compelling in its execution.

The dabbler in web design can build a website and have it online by the end of the day, but the professional team, we here at Web Design Sun, goes beyond this basic workflow by providing a comprehensive list of services that set a client’s site apart from the ordinary web spaces proliferating the internet. We differentiate your idea from the amateurs, the hobbyists and the multitude of internet marketers out there by gifting your web design solution with professional attributes that generate repeat visits and the action you desire, whether that’s a click through to the next page or the completion of an order for an advertised product.

Implementing a strategy that fulfills the above web design workflow is the job we’ve come together to solve, but our agency would sink into a sea of competitors without an edge. That dominance is taken from a foundation of technical standards, the knowledge to code with an HTML framework and CSS styling, to add graphical accents and multimedia elements that funnel attention toward a specific area of the web page. Alternatively, we can emphasize white space and create an intuitive and static web design format that’s clean and minimal. The decision is ultimately in the hands of the client, and it’s through communications between the customer and our expert managers that these long-term strategies can be decided upon.

Of course, as we’ve already stated, any dabbler of web design development can build a functional web presence. Web Design Sun engages in a wealth of services that distinguish our agency from the average coder. We create a full-service plan, taking the idea from pen and paper to hosted website. We also nurture your brand identity, meaning our project leader will emphasize and develop corporate identities with hierarchical web design concepts, the application of graphic design principles that draw the eye with visual finesse and hand-drawn skill. These graphical front-end choices are layered atop interactive Ajax applications to bring static content to life. MySQL and PHP connection scripts are integrated into our workflow to lend the design dynamic properties that direct traffic deeper and deeper into the pages of the web site. In short, boring concept takes on an added dimension, and this is the skill set we’ve developed here, the abilities that differentiate our projects from those created by hobbyists.

Web Design SunWe create customized plugins and custom portals, the server side database applications and scripted web applications required to solve any issue, but we also bring purpose and shape to these principles. Our management structure focuses on fostering a creative, out-of-the-box mode of thinking to fuse technical standards to the original vision that was proposed by the client. The look and intent of the seed idea is concentrated and extended, scaled to look consistent on any browser and on any platform. For example, we live in a mobile society now, so the client’s vision must convey the same message on tablets and smartphones, the same intent that lights up 21-inch monitors. This responsive web design approach is yet another facet of a strategy our managers use to ensure the site reaches its full potential. It’s the living and breathing demonstration of full cycle planning in action that ensures the site will excel before a single line of code is ever committed to the screen.

Once the web design project is conjured up in pixels and filled with content, our next stage of development is to make the the site accessible to the masses, to find hosting and take the design live. Web Design Sun offers comprehensive hosting solutions and domain registration alternatives that will aid in SEO practices. We want your website to rank highly, and we’ll use our development prowess to format code with search engine friendly terms, promoting your eCommerce product or business model to the best of our abilities. But make no mistake, our services are focused first and foremost on creating a high-quality answer to your needs, one that looks amazing and is built upon a hidden series of technologically advanced coding standards as set in place by the World Wide Web consortium and others. Our prime objective is to ensure your final web design solution reflects your investment.

In finalizing our dense list of services, we’ll add our web design ethic, the promise that we can handle any project through any outlet. We’ll conduct business on the Odesk, Elance and Guru freelancer exchanges, forming partnerships that secure repeat business. We’ll take on the role of outsourcing team or that of sole labor force, one consisting entirely of professional managers and tech-savvy programmers. And don’t worry, our services aren’t lacking in dimension like many of our competitors. We actively follow artistic solutions with colorful graphical presentations and dynamic accents. Just be sure to bring your ideas to us, relating your target audience and geographical theater, and we’ll do the rest, building your vision block by block and coded line by coded line.

We’ll take your site to the next level. Contact our friendly managers for a free consultation 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. We accept credit cards, Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and Wire Transfers. Plus, our work doesn’t end when your website goes live. We offer continued support and maintenance of your eventual product, earning ongoing business by growing your brand. Web Design Sun is the unit of IIG Global.

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