EverythingCloud: Cloud Management Software

EverythingCloud: Cloud Management Software

We created an app for a SaaS software development company that helped it conserve resources and ease integration across platforms. SaaS application development has unique challenges surrounding issues of access, usage and resources management. We created an app that met those challenges and exceeded our client’s expectations for speed, design and exclusive features.

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Client Brief

Everything Cloud is a cloud management software development company. They needed a secure, reliable app for managing cloud resources while eliminating wasted time. The app needed to allow administrator access to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud resources across multiple accounts, regions and providers in a single, easy-to-use interface.

EverythingCloud_User Roles

User Roles

We integrated special features at every level of the app to create a fully customized experience for each user.


Administrators are key to the efficient use of cloud resources. A Super Admin account creates a unique signup process for each organization. These accounts can’t be switched or deleted. With a Super Admin account, administrators can closely monitor resource usage, access and key analytics. These accounts stay updated on SaaS software development with regular notifications.

Team Member

Each member is given a set of resources and the tools to manage them. At this level, accounts be easily switched around, deleted or otherwise managed according to the organization’s needs.


At this level, users can only view resources at a read-only level. This allows them to see important information without the ability to edit or delete documents. They also get access to key updates.

EverythingCloud_UX and UI Design

UX and UI Design

Productivity is the heart of cloud management software, and we made that the focus of our design. We created pages with 3-click touch and a left-to-left layout for speedy navigation.

For the color scheme, we used a soft blue palette with rounded edges. It is reminiscent of clouds and a powerful callout to the main purpose of the app.

We combined beautiful, practical design with icons designed for instant usability. The esthetics communicate a sense of reliability with a friendly and familiar approach.

EverythingCloud_Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Our challenge was to solve the unique problems of creating an app for cloud management software. We know SaaS application development requires speed and the ability to launch quickly into a constantly shifting marketplace. We relied on Django using a Python 3.7 framework to create an app with the speed and power to compete on any level.

Implemented Features

An app for cloud management software must stand above the rest of a crowded, busy field. We addressed that need with built-in features exclusive to this application.



Admins and users get a tailored dashboard on every sign-on. Combining performance analytics with tailored recommendations created a robust dashboard where users are greeted with regular updates about the SaaS application development and other key news items.

A banner showcasing the most used resources and real-time statistics gives users a helicopter view of resources, usage and current standing. This allows admins to make data-driven decisions with speed, ease and flexibility.

We added a “News” section where interested users at all levels could get real-time updates on SaaS software development, software changes and release dates.



Managing resources is one of the most difficult—and most important–aspects of using cloud management software. Unused resources drain profits and productivity with no return on their technology investment. We solved that problem with automatic recommendations that track usage patterns to suggest ways admins can make the most of their cloud resources.

Cloud management software development is dependent on a balance between planning for the future and avoiding waste. Our app makes it easy for admins to reschedule, resize and reconfigure their cloud management software. The app even has one-click access to a running tally of money and time savings.

EverythingCloud_Policies and User Management

Policies and User Management

Because the client targets medium-sized businesses, the use of permissions-based systems is critical. These businesses need to reach several organizations with different access requirements.

We solved this challenge with permissions-based systems that admins can adapt to each organization and each user level. Powerful resource management tools allow admins to monitor and control the way resources flow to each department and user.

Scheduling features can be turned off and on, depending on the user’s permission level. Admins can restrict access and permissions according to schedules and business plans. When teams need to add members, instant communication enables admins to issue one-time or ongoing access.

EverythingCloud_Resources Management

Resources Management

The app is rich in functionalities related to cloud resources management. At the admin and Super Admin levels, organizations can control parking, schedule users, and hunt and delete orphaned resources.

Working with various servers can be confusing, so we added a click-and-find search mode that gives users advanced, multi-level filtering. The app makes it easy to create logical groups for better resource management.

As a cloud software development company, Cloud Everything is fully aware of the difficulties typical users face when managing cloud resources. Our brief was to create unique features that would make the app stand out as a solution.

We built an automatic shutoff feature that allows users to turn specific cloud servers on and off according to those servers’ policies. This function is unique to the app, and it allows companies to save money and time. It gives Cloud Everything’s app a winning edge over its competitors.


SaaS application development begins with a consultation and an in-depth understanding of the industry and our client’s specific needs. Cloud Everything needed an agile, dynamic app that would help its users conserve cloud resources, offer flexible levels of access, and offer instant usability. They also wanted an app with a striking visual design and a high-level user experience.

We created a cloud management software development app that meets each of those markers. Our app is easy to use and packed with rich functionality that makes cloud resource management easy. It offers new features that make it stand out from other apps in a highly competitive industry.

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