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How to create the perfect website development brief

Writing a clear, in-depth project brief greatly reduces the risk of any miscommunications between you and your web development agency.

Starting a Coaching Business

In this article, we covered some prerequisites, considerations, and pieces of advice that are essential to be taken into account in launching a coaching business.

Life Coaching Development for Alex Becker

Creating a comprehensive website for a successful entrepreneur involves extensive, multi-level planning that will facilitate the necessary actions to reach the goal.

7 Web Design Tendencies for 2017

If you want to succeed in the digital world, you have to follow all major trends in design and development. Web design changes and evolves as time goes and the whole web universe transforms.

World-known Brands Redesign

Once you get to the top, the rules for “the game” change. World-known brands go in for every imaginable ways to attract customers’ attention.

Types of Web Development Outsourcing

The experience of American and European companies makes it clear that a proper formalization of all business processes is the initial step towards high-quality outsourcing.