Ursus Real Estate Project Presentation


Presentation sites can help a business transform their meetings into mobile-friendly, shareable content. Sites are easily accessed by potential investors, clients, or partners. Here’s how we helped a real estate development company upgrade their presentations to reach more investors online.

About The Project

Over the years, many areas of Poland have been tapped for re-development, but the biggest area is Warsaw. The need for modern housing, office buildings, and commerce has allowed Ursus to design a brand new community that will help with growth.

For a real estate development project presentation, Ursus wanted a clean portfolio website to assist with presentations to potential investors. There are several parts to the presentation that are important, including blueprints, videos, drawings, and planning.


With so much content in one place, our agency looked at the project as a whole, analyzing how we can marriage content and incredibly detailed designs in a way that is easy to explain in front of a crowd.

We wanted to assist Ursus in sharing their development ideas while also presenting a cohesive, organized plan. From clean graphics to fast-rendering videos, we helped Ursus bring their portfolio to life on the web so that they could easily share it with the investment world.

One-Page Design for Easier Navigation

WordPress offers a lot of opportunities to build responsive, clean websites that are easy to maintain and update.

This isn’t the first time that our designers worked on a property websites design, but this was the first time that we had a variety of technical assets to work with as well as a lot of detailed written content.

Building a one-page portfolio site makes sense for Ursus as they wanted a sophisticated, polished look that still included everything that needed to be shared with investors. This includes content around the opportunity, as well as detailed blueprints that needed to match the flow without taking up too much room on the website.

We designed a one-page navigation that would take visitors through each phase of the project including:

  •  Opportunity (About the project)
  •  Gallery (Several mockups of new community)
  •  Description
  •  Development plan (blueprint-style graphics)
  •  Master plan (video content)
  •  Market study
  •  Market proposal
  •  About the company
  •  Contact

While all of the content is built around the project, it’s designed to lead the investor through every asset that they’d need to consider investment with an easy-to-fill contact form at the bottom.

The site loads quickly in mobile and is easy to scroll through, allowing you to view the gallery, read content, and watch videos seamlessly.

Building Trust: Symbols and Imagery

The different imagery and symbols serve as guides to break down the detailed content in between. The symbols call out the aspects of the development project that will be most important to investors, such as development area, residential housing area, total usable space, and more.

In addition, the timeline graphic easily walks investors through the plan of development, and it can be viewed on mobile.

Smooth User Experience

The presentation is completely smooth to scroll through. You can browse each piece by using the sticky navigation at the top, or you can scroll down through content, which is important for mobile users.

Every piece animates briefly and displays as you scroll or click on the navigation component, allowing you to go directly to the content that will matter most as an investor.

Color chooses are used to promote trust and authority, while also using mostly black text and clean fonts to make the content more readable.

Final Development Notes

The presentation site is easy to use as a tool during a meeting or as a way to share the idea with other investors. The presentation site is password protected, so Ursus can feel comfortable sharing it only with the investors that they want to see the project portfolio.

Ultimately, we chose to use WordPress as the best way to make a shareable, responsive, and mobile-friendly project presentation website. With an easy-to-load navigation and lots of high-resolution images, the one-page site presents complex development plans and timelines in the perfect format.

Want to build your perfect portfolio site? Talk to our designers about what you can do for your next presentation. You can start converting investors even before the meeting is over.

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