Reader’s End: A Global E-commerce Library


The team behind Reader’s End started with a noble premise: “Reading makes the world a better place!” And with that in mind, they set out to create a bookstore that could service all corners of the globe! Today, the company offers free shipping to over 100 countries and is regarded as a reliable source for specialized materials and rare books. Bibliophiles regularly rely on Reader’s End for both obscure titles, like “Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand,” and fluffier fare, like Priyanka Chopra’s biography.

A Global E-commerce Library

Reader’s End needed a brand new e-commerce portal. Like all websites these days, it had to be lightweight for quick loading and scale across a multitude of screen sizes. Choosing the right color scheme was also a priority.


Choosing the right color scheme

Since Reader’s End fosters a global goal, our designers had to be mindful of potential cross-cultural hurdles. For example, in Asia, red signifies “good luck.” However, in some African countries, like Nigeria, red symbolizes death and aggression. So our team came up with a neutral gray palette and added a pop of light blue and a medium-toned purple. It’s soothing and universal. An added bonus is that the unobtrusive color scheme allows the book covers to take center design stage.

Featured Functionality: A Gigantic Database Deserves A Robust Search and Filtering Tool

Reader’s End maintains a massive inventory of books representing a wide variety of topics and genres. As such, the company wanted a multi-dimensional search and filter mechanism. After all, users need to sort on a host of variables, including publication date, topic, price and format.

To meet the client’s needs, our developers turned to WordPress and Woocommerce. With custom programming, the development team incorporated the latter into the former to facilitate multi-option search functionality.

Working with Reader’s End was a delight. We loved their mission, and the teams developed a collaborative bond. The result was a smashing success. Reader’s End got precisely what they wanted, and our group had a blast working with their company’s enthusiastic and optimistic staff. It also gave us further insight into developing complex filtering tools.

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