Oceanic - Ship Management Network


A lot of people think that being a charter boat captain or a yacht owner would be a dream. But ship management comes with a nightmarish amount of paperwork, staffing headaches, financial documentation, and legal compliance.

Shipowners deal with vessel documentation, international law, financing, staffing, maintenance and crew communications. They have to do it all while they’re out at sea, away from their offices, files and communication devices.

A New Approach to Ship Management

Our client contacted us about custom web application development services. The client wanted to create a powerful, user-friendly app that allows ship owners, yacht captains, crew members, and staff to easily manage all the aspects of owning and running a ship.

What Is the Oceanic Network?

This web app had to:

  • Be easy to use.
  • Understand intuitively what each user needs.
  • Provide one-click downloads of important documents, updates and reports.
  • Provide detailed information at the touch of a tab.
  • Allow for various levels of security access.
  • Have a clean, attractive interface.

With one simple app, Oceanic Network lets owners, maintenance crew and administrative staff get quick, easy access to all that information.

The app can adjust security and access levels, for instance, allowing only the owner or manager access to financial records, or ensuring that employees can only see their own records.

Oceanic Puts a Global Business at Your Fingertips

Ship owners need to stay up-to-date with international shipping regulations and show that they’re compliant with them. Oceanic Network lets them import, read and download important documents. Compliance becomes easy to manage and track.

Key Features

We added features for every part of a ship or charter business.


Clicking on this tab immediately opens a page that displays all the information about the ship itself. You’ll see its registration number, its designers, its maximum speed, displacements, horsepower, gross tonnage, hull configuration and more.

The user can then click on the left-hand columns where columns display a tab for the vessel’s official registration documents, one for its schedule, one listing its freight details and another for the captain’s updates.


With this function, an owner or captain can quickly check staffing levels. The crew tab allows owners and managers to post jobs, set up interviews and ensure they have the right number of crewmembers. With the crew app, sailors and maintenance staff can check their schedules, request leave, and learn about future charters.


Who is keeping track of payments? A small ship or yacht might not have anyone who’s assigned to bookkeeping. With this function, users can instantly track all payments and finance records. Users can see instantly see when and how the client paid a deposit, how much it was and the client’s status. You can also see the start and end dates of the charter and where it’s going.

Access levels can be adjusted so that only selected crewmembers can get access to financial records. Everything on Oceanic Network is fully adaptable.

More Great Features

We added these buttons to make the app even more user-friendly and practical.

Charter. With this function, the user can enter all the necessary information about an upcoming charter. It includes spaces to enter:

  • The client’s contact information.
  • The booking company and booking broker.
  • Cruise destination.
  • Dates the client wants to book.
  • Number and type of guests.
  • Payment information.

Calendar. The fully interactive calendar lets every crewmember check for important upcoming events. Crewmembers and staff can use it to mark the days they won’t be working.

The crew can check for upcoming charters and where the ship will be cruising on those dates. The calendar is fully interactive, allowing all users to add information when necessary.

Maintenance. In this section, owners and crew can track everything that’s being done to keep the vessel seaworthy. The user can get details on all repair and maintenance jobs that are pending and completed.

By opening the Report tab, a user can see:

  • The type of repair.
  • Who requested the repair.
  • Which crew it was assigned to.
  • When it was completed.

Each feature includes a “smart search” function that makes it easy to find the information you need.

Suppliers. Ship owners can keep track of their stock, supplies and delivery schedules with this function. Ship owners can import delivery announcements, inventory lists and everything else they need to ensure they have the stocks and supplies they need.

User Interface

We chose a pale blue background as bright and clear as the sea on a sunny day. We added simple graphics that invoke international symbols for freighting and shipping. The layout is crisp, clean and easy to read. It’s the perfect fit for an app that’s aimed at people who live and work on the sea.

Great Design Meets Great Functionality

We wanted a bright, uncluttered look for this app. We wanted Oceanic Network to be as easy and intuitive as using a touch-screen phone. We wanted to create an app that allows full ship management from a tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Our client says that we delivered on all counts.

Do you have an idea for an app that would make your business easier to manage? At Web Design Sun, we specialize in custom web application development services. We can create a powerful, interactive and easy-to-use app for your business. Contact us today to get started.