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Since his project achieved the goal of understanding what ordinary people must go through when losing weight, Drew Manning attracted the attention of countless media outlets who praised him for his originality. This facilitated many invitations to television programs, a New York Times bestseller, multi-episode Lifetime show carrying the same name of his original idea, and 7 spin-off programs for weight loss that have reached millions of people around the world. Naturally, keeping up with all of the opportunities that Manning now had on a day-to-day basis became rather challenging. To that end, he decided to look into developing his own website that will serve as an outlet to market the plethora of his achievements and help him grow as a personal trainer and a business owner.


Expectedly, creating a website that will have such versatile content was a tough process. The project had to take into account the industry in which Manning operated, which was the ever-changing world of fitness, as well as other aspects that involve things like marketing to an international audience, keeping the website somewhat contained without cutting out the important parts of Drew’s story, and much more. Luckily, the diligent work of seasoned professionals led to a final product that was handsomely perceived by the market.

Importance of Details

Before going into the detail-oriented work, the developers had to consider Manning’s personal brand. Given that he is a trainer who is heavily involved with fitness, the anatomy of colors had to be based on a smooth combination of green and white. The reasoning behind this was the fact that those two colors are a subtle representation of health and clarity.

Developing the layout

Afterward, developing the layout for the page’s content was the most important task at hand. After brainstorming stages took place, it was agreed upon to create a storytelling website that will flow from one area into another in a natural and seamless manner. Thus, the story begins with an “About” page that depicts some important details from Drew’s personal history and ends with the “My Supplements” area that will demonstrate what are some of the tools that can help people mimic Drew’s success in weight loss.

Other important areas to note include

Blog. Includes a long list of health-related, article-like posts about success stories and the fitness world that Drew wrote himself.

Transformations. An area where Drew recognizes those clients who were successful in their weight-loss journey.

Podcasts. Further depicts the upcoming guest schedule on the podcast as well as an overview of the previous episodes.

My Book. Refers to the New York Times best-selling book and gives a hyperlink to those looking to buy a digital or a hard copy.

My Programs. Gives 5 different alternatives for people looking to purchase one of Drew’s hand-written programs for working out and losing weight.

Events. Provides the viewer with a list of upcoming events happening in various areas of the country as well as a detailed description of Drew’s personal podcast.

Keeping the User in Mind

The bottom line goal for the developers was to keep the user in mind when creating the content. This is why every part of the website was strategically placed in the area in which it can be found. The user is primarily exposed to a page that will help them meet Manning. After that introductory stage, they can begin to look into everything that this personal trainer has to offer and decide if they want to become a part of the movement. Thus, the sales aspect that this website serves was developed through a long list of custom themes and templates that were derived from high-level business analytics.

Marketing funnels

Such approach enabled the developers to come up with a flawless design that is extremely easy to navigate. Courtesy of multiple marketing funnels, client can now enjoy selling his podcast access, training programs, books, and supplements at a single place where outside visits can be tracked and analyzed. That certainly makes it easy to try out multiple marketing methods and look into various alternatives when it comes to reaching his client base. Not to mention that the coding side of things was done in such a way that any further additions to the site can be put in place remotely and effortlessly.

Reflecting on the Final Product

Utilizing the advanced web development techniques previously discussed enabled Manning to go from having a tough time marketing all of his products to enjoying a single outlet that promotes everything that he does. This streamlined his operations and boosted his market recognition as his name can now be easily associated with the website where, if needed, further description helps users get to know him. Not to mention the ease of access that cements the benefits which the project offered to this Eagle-Mountain trainer from Utah!

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