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AzNational needed an app for Livestock Shows that would celebrate their events, participants, and types of livestock on mobile devices. With events every month and over 100 classes with 30 competitors in each class, AzNational had difficulty keeping everyone connected about the latest shows, classes, and livestock available. In previous competitions, there has been confusion over what area to go to or what time to make your way to the ring. That was all going to change with AzNational's latest app.


Our team set out to create a mobile, convenient app that livestock competitors could use to track events and stay informed when it was their time to shine. We partnered with AzNational to develop an app that would manage different events and send notifications to subscribers to keep everyone connected. The client would be able to send all necessary notifications to application users. Our developers worked with the client to also implement customized administration controls, including subscriber controls and manual push notification management.

Here is a step-by-step look at our approach to AzNational’s Livestock Show app.

Full control

Discover the client’s goals and scope out an action plan for the Livestock Show mobile app.
Client needed to have full control over events, classes, subscribers, and competitors within the app. Our application would need to create, update, and delete events on the fly.


Once the client updates the events, the changes are pushed live to app. Subscribers who have downloaded the app get a notification. All subscribers can see the events, classes, and competitors, and they can read more in the notes that the client enters for each event.


Since there are multiple classes for competitors, notifications are very important for competitive livestock events. Notifications can be pushed out for each class before they compete. In this way, the client has a handy mobile way to call competitors to the ring when it’s their time to show their livestock.


Lastly, spectators and app users can track any competitor by typing the exhibitor’s name. They can see the classes that the exhibitor has entered and their performance. Users can also favorite anything and receive notifications for different livestock species.

Bringing the Mobile User to the Barn

Our process combined backend, iOS, and Android development. We built a website to manage the content in Laravel Framework. Our development team capitalized on Restful API for mobile app and web interface. For the CMS, we used HTML so that the client would be able to add, edit, and delete new content on the fly.

Desktop Development

There were a few different tools we used to accomplish our mobile and social application goals.

  • Send push notifications to Android and iOS subscribers. We used Google Firebase and APNs to make it happen.
  • Develop a Facebook API script that would authorize users to join through Facebook. A library of users was created to help the client maintain a database of subscribers that could be queried and used for other purposes, such as future email marketing campaigns.
  • Client can download the library in CSV form with all of the necessary data already filled in, including events, classes, livestock information, performance information, and a number of other searchable data fields.

iOS Development for AzNational

Applications with multiple functions need to have a well-planned storyboard so that the user experience is fluid throughout the application.

Our team used Objective-C programming languages, several storyboard programming patterns, and a third-party library called AFNetworking.

While this application does not communicate with a database, several singletons are used to store data instead. The point of this is to allow the client to change events as needed. The application uses several categories of classes to work native objects.

The user’s data is stored in the NSUserDefaults application data as an object known as “NSData.” The application can then receive push notifications, display those notification, and a class has been created. The class can push notifications to specific users through a hand controller in the application with the class “UITabBarController.”

So the client can communicate with users in real-time during competitions, the code had to be responsive as possible and provide a beautiful graphic display that was easy for users to understand and track events with.

Android Development for AzNational

We used AndroidSDK to develop the second part of the application. This implements the interaction of the user through the Restful API with the server. This allows to the user to receive real-time updates on all events while at the livestock show.

The main technologies we worked with include:

  • Push notifications through Firebase SDK
  • Facebook API for User Authorization
  • Retrofit Library for interaction between the server and application.
  • MVM architecture was selected to build the international architecture for the application using data binding.


With the new application, AzNational will be able to keep all of their competitors, classes, and spectators informed and connected through each of their events. With updates in real-time and notifications, AzNational can quickly send out the latest for each class during events, as well as inform competitors on where they need to be before the action starts.

The new application will also allow AzNational to promote its shows and events to users. By hooking in with Facebook API, users are able to quickly subscribe and sign-in to view events, favorite different livestock classes, and track competitors. There is an even greater potential for AzNational to now use this app to bring in new audiences and market to those audiences by keeping track of all of their subscriber’s information through the application.

AzNational now has an app that will make it easy to create and control their own events, without depending on any third-party apps. With their own native application, they will also be able to customize every note, livestock show remarks, and information supplied to their users.

Arizona National Livestock Show - App Development

Excellent to work with! They quickly caught my vision of what I wanted for the app and was able to make it a reality. Top notch developers!
Nov 15, 2017
Tyler Grandil

Tyler Grandil

Arizona, USA
Executive Director, Arizona National Livestock Show

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