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Create And Manage Git Branches

How To Create And Manage Git Branches – Tutorial

Introduction In a deep ocean of version control systems, the most trendy now is Git. One of the basic advantages of Git is that it is a distributed version control system, not centralized, unlike SVN and CVS. That makes it …


GitLab Installation Tutorial (Part3)

Step 4 – GitLab  Login Switch to the URL of the chosen domain (in our case ) and login with the default GitLab credentials: Username: root Password: 5iveL!fe Change password on first login. As soon as login with the …

GitLab Instalation Tutorial Part 2

GitLab Installation Tutorial (Part2)

Step 3 – Plesk Integration After GitLab is successfully configured, there is Plesk integration next. Create /etc/nginx/conf.d/gitlab.conf file with the following content For GitLab version 7: For GitLab 8.0.x/8.1.x , that performs gitlab-git-http-server: For GitLab 8.2.x, that present gitlab-workhorse: When …

GitLab Instalation Tutorial Part 1

GitLab Installation Tutorial (Part1)

Well if you want on your own server a personal Git repository while using GitLab as repository platform, then you probably will face a problem of managing Gitlab, Nginx, and Plesk together. So for successful GitLab installation follow our tutorial …