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Upgrading SQLite on CentOS to 3.31.1 or Later

In case you work with stack Django plus python on centos server then you perhaps face the problem of Django ver. 2.2+ demands SQLite ver. 3.83+. And in this article we'll show you how to upgrade SQLite on CentOS to 3.31.1 or Later.

Create And Manage Git Branches

How To Create And Manage Git Branches – Tutorial

Introduction In a deep ocean of version control systems, the most trendy now is Git. One of the basic advantages of Git is that it is a distributed version control system, not centralized, unlike SVN and CVS. That makes it …

Gzip compression for Nginx

Gzip compression with NGINX

We often do some server administration job for the server we work on and host our corporate and client sites which are at development.  One day we decided to turn GZIP compression on at the server to speed up the …

GitLab Instalation Tutorial Part 3

GitLab Installation Tutorial (Part3)

Step 4 – GitLab  Login Switch to the URL of the chosen domain (in our case ) and login with the default GitLab credentials: Username: root Password: 5iveL!fe Change password on first login. As soon as login with the …

GitLab Instalation Tutorial Part 2

GitLab Installation Tutorial (Part2)

Step 3 – Plesk Integration After GitLab is successfully configured, there is Plesk integration next. Create /etc/nginx/conf.d/gitlab.conf file with the following content For GitLab version 7: For GitLab 8.0.x/8.1.x , that performs gitlab-git-http-server: For GitLab 8.2.x, that present gitlab-workhorse: When …

GitLab Instalation Tutorial Part 1

GitLab Installation Tutorial (Part1)

Well if you want on your own server a personal Git repository while using GitLab as repository platform, then you probably will face a problem of managing Gitlab, Nginx, and Plesk together. So for successful GitLab installation follow our tutorial …