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Elementor custom widget tutorial thumbnail

Elementor Custom Widget Tutorial

Elementor is a Website Builder that allows WordPress users to create and edit websites using drag and drop technique and built-in responsive mode. What the Elementor plugin can do The plugin has a free (Elementor) and a paid (Elementor Pro) …

Add Push Notifications To Laravel + Vue Project thumbnail

Add Push Notifications To Laravel + Vue Project

Notifications are a convenient way to inform the user about something new that has happened on your site. There are many types of notifications. Here we will consider setting up push notifications in a SPA application written on the laravel …


Upgrading SQLite on CentOS to 3.31.1 or Later

In case you work with stack Django plus python on centos server then you perhaps face the problem of Django ver. 2.2+ demands SQLite ver. 3.83+. And in this article we'll show you how to upgrade SQLite on CentOS to 3.31.1 or Later.

Handling Inbound Emails in Laravel _preview

Handling Inbound Emails in Laravel

Setting up sending emails using laravel is very simple, but what if you need to receive incoming emails. n this case, use the Laravel Mailbox package. Here we want to tell about the process of setting up incoming messages using Sendgrid.


How to Add a Custom Post Status In WordPress

This is an easy to follow tutorial for creating a Custom Post Status in Wordpress. After searching through lots of ready decisions and faced that none of those wasn't working so then when we handle that task decided to share it with you, so now you can save your time.