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Handling Inbound Emails in Laravel _preview

Handling Inbound Emails in Laravel

Setting up sending emails using laravel is very simple, but what if you need to receive incoming emails. n this case, use the Laravel Mailbox package. Here we want to tell about the process of setting up incoming messages using Sendgrid.


How to Add a Custom Post Status In WordPress

This is an easy to follow tutorial for creating a Custom Post Status in Wordpress. After searching through lots of ready decisions and faced that none of those wasn't working so then when we handle that task decided to share it with you, so now you can save your time.


How to speed up your WP website

It’s time becoming shorter a year to year, from 12 seconds in 2000 to 5 seconds in 2017. Another sad fact – search engines also decided to punish slow loading websites by putting them down in search results. That’s why …