Web Development

There’s a tendency to blur the lines between web design and web development. We separate the design process from development, defining web development with back-end client and server scripting, the configuration of databases and the articulate composition of components to bind your website to servers. Defer to the hard work of our talented professionals by familiarizing yourself with a sample of the back-end web development processes we have at our command.

Web Development - Custom PHP Works

Custom PHP Works 

As the internet’s server-side language of choice, developers must have a sound grounding in PHP. Web Design Sun goes the extra mile here, making the syntax of the language second nature so that we can manipulate programming functions and object-oriented programming modules with extraordinary fluency. We customize the functions of PHP to work for your website. The result is a coded juggernaut that’s tailored with advanced design features, optimized and expertly authored PHP that communicates and queries with dynamic database content to process payments and track inventory

Web Development - MySQL


Think of MySQL as the standardized relational database system for the internet. Digitally accessed by a MySQL server, the database management system works fluidly with a scripting language, typically PHP, to transform a two-dimensional website into an interactive site. MySQL is robust to program and highly scalable, thus a MySQL database can contain thousands of entries and still deliver speedy responses from user input. A savvy web development agency is the only way to create optimized database structures, data on a par with that stored on mega-sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Let Web Design Sun take care of the structure of your MySQL setup, optimizing queries and using admin tools to ensure the database is properly configured.

Web Development - API Works

API Works 

Web development is a multi-faceted discipline, one that employs the above system resources, but it’s also the ability to build and manage application program interfaces. Our expert web development unit possesses the technical prowess to work in third-party domains, to interface with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, to develop the building blocks of social interaction. We also work with LinkedIn, Google+, Google Maps, Google Docs, Authorize.Net, PayPal, JandexMoney, Listen2MyRadio, Cartrawler, and any other conceivable portal to digitally connect your website to avenues that generate new traffic and profit.

Web Development - WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS 

The WordPress content management system is a fast path to the code-less implementation of a website, but you still need a top web development agency to take advantage of all the platform has to offer. We optimize the WordPress framework for optimal accessibility, altering themes so that they don’t look generic, and delivering practical business solutions that rock.

Web Development - WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins 

Customized plugins for the WordPress platform are created from your specifications. We dive deep into the innards of WordPress to ensure your final product is optimized for your express purpose, reinforcing the products identity as a made-to-order plugin that blends perfectly with the platform to extend its functionality. Also, we’ll select the best predesigned plugins for you, picking each one from a huge library of available plugins.

Web Development - Maintenance


Delivering final value for your investment doesn’t end with the release of your website onto its host and domain. Our maintenance services extend the functionality of your online pages by pooling our resources to initiate a maintenance strategy. Our web development work at this stage includes editing, database integrity, site updates, server analytics to track downtime and bandwidth concerns, and much more.

Web Development - Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization 

All of our code is optimized to reflect the speedy loading of every page of content and every multimedia element that pops up to greet a curious visitor, but attention spans aren’t improving. Quite the opposite, you have mere seconds to hook a visitor. Our web development strategy here is to go beyond code optimization. We apply a granular level of control to the structure of your website, assigning best-practice strategies that include our own customized tools to bring fluid loading to the slowest of connections.

Web Design and Web Development talent live comfortably side-by-side within the rooms and hallways of Web Design Sun. We build solid channels of communications between the two departments, but every professional member of our team has a clear-cut mission, the task of working on front-end appearance or back-end programming to perfect the best possible representation of your online presence: your website.

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