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Web Design Sun has grown from small beginnings to become a formidable web design company, an agency comprised of highly proficient web developers, graphic designers, sales managers, and much more. There’s a deep and personal collaboration of idea at work here, an exchange of concepts that’s applied to small businesses and large corporations with practiced resolution, but this polished workflow descends from a basic lineage. Our company began with the astute presence of Igor I Siedov, an individual with a passion for creating thriving websites with compelling content. That kind of commitment took the fledgling web design company far, but web design is a multi-disciplinary operation, meaning our professional environment required a team. Web Design Sun is the unit of IIG Global.

When the company was founded on the 26th of September 2012, it was Igor I Siedov who took on the sole role of web developer. Soon afterward, the talents of Yuri Yurchenko and Juliya Reshetina were joined the team. It was together that the two code gurus and one graphics rockstar then became the core of the young team. Rapidly maturing, simple mathematics and the laws of industry growth was to see the team grow to an 17 strong team of professionals. Businesses flourish and profits grow, such is the fortunes of running a small web design company undergoing growth. Individual roles could now be afforded, and this is exactly what happened with the next step, the hiring of specialized code gurus and graphics superstars. Today, Web Design Sun enjoys a prosperous workflow of projects from well-known customers, and the agency is highly respected as a prominent web design company. The team, more of a family than a stark agency of impersonal workers, is strong, and there’s room for expansion.

Creativity is central to the integrity of the company, a trueness to the fidelity of the work that’s demonstrated every day, rewarding every client, no matter the size of the contract, with high-quality results that use current web standards. Not content to lay back on our laurels and construct static websites, our web design company can do it all, constructing beautiful examples that are the pride of any portfolio. The graphic design is accented with hand-drawn flare while the web design applications powering the pages are SEO friendly and built on interactive PHP and AJAX standards. CSS styling is consistent. Links are checked by kickass quality assurance inspectors, and the overall design is the distilled realization of customer specifications.

Friendly and open to client modifications, the bonds created by our young team exist for more than a courteous smile. Indeed, those selfsame bonds create an instant understanding between every member, a relationship that increases productivity and imbues the final product with added dimension. We’ve learnt a great deal in a short time, and we apply this hard-earned knowledge to daily administrative tasks, the hosting, domain registration, maintenance, and constant updating of each of our client’s proudly designed websites. Communication and creativity rules supreme at Web Design Sun, and we’re ready for the next challenge, the rendering of web presences on new mobile platforms and the creation cycle of corporate identities.

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