Server Administration

A splash of pimped out web graphics is one thing, but front-end design is only fifty percent of the Web Design Sun productivity cycle. The second half of our ninja-like online development strategy emerges from server administration. It’s a daunting task for amateurs but one our professional team deals with on a daily basis. Check out some of the roles we setup and configure during the course of our server administration duties.

Server Administration - Hosting Setup

Hosting Setup 

The first criteria in getting a new website online is to tie down hosting requirements. Server administration done the Web Design Sun way ensures top-tier hosting setup practices are adhered to at all times. We use file transfer protocol, FTP magic, to ensure your files find their way to your server. We give you access to our own library of web hosts, dependable services equipped with market-leading user packages. Features promoted in these packages include plenty of bandwidth, top customer support services, database and scripting resources, an invaluable uptime guarantee, and SEO-friendly resources.

Server Administration - Domain Names Pointing

Domain Names Pointing 

Launch your site with a fully-branded identity by assigning a domain name to your website. Navigating the Domain Name System hierarchical structure is part of our server administration strategy, one we accomplish by ensuring your unique domain name is setup to your satisfaction. Domain name pointing formalizes this principle by instructing your domain and any sub-domains to associate with the correct IP address and load the correct page in a visitor’s browser. Web Design Sun server administration experts link your website to your default domain location or create a customized domain pointing address through the configuration of DNS settings.

Server Administration - Domain Names Transferring

Domain Names Transferring 

Your three-part domain alias is your key to promoting your online presence, but sometimes that identity has to be transferred due to poor support or some other factor. Perhaps you want to simplify resources by placing hosting and domain concerns under one umbrella? Whatever the reason, Web Design Sun takes the headaches out of the issue by seamlessly altering your domain server records to reflect your new server.

Server Administration - DNS Works

DNS Works 

A hierarchical network of Domain Name System computers exists as an invisible layer atop the internet, one that lends context to IP addresses by adding a naming convention to websites. DNS is akin to a telephone directory, a framework of server applications used to translate internet binary addresses into domain names that have been approved by an online registrar. We work at the code level of DNS, bringing our server administration training to the fore by manipulating DNS record resources and managing the following records settings to setup your DNS properties. There’s the MX record, the facility for regulating mail exchange records and generating a connection between an email account and its associated server-hosted email. This record type is essential for email but the A-Record is more important, as it associates the domain assigned to a website with the physical IP address of the computer hosting the site. Next, the CNAME record, a shortened label for Canonical Name. This record type is used to assign alternate labels to a domain. One example is in creating an alias that removes the ‘www’ seen prefixing a web address. While by no means comprehensive, these three common DNS records represent the flexibility of DNS server administration.

Server Administration - Site Migration

Site Migration 

Manipulating a DNS server at the records level to transfer a domain is one thing but migrating an entire website is a daunting prospect. We offer a risk-free migration service, minimizing potential traffic loss, search engine issues, and revenue impact, by applying our core server administration practices to get you up and running on your new platform.

Server Administration - Back Up/Restore

Back Up/Restore 

Avoid the nightmare of data loss with the peace of mind service of a professionally conducted backup and restore operation. We backup configuration settings, your content and website design, images, other resources, and MySQL databases, restoring everything with byte-by-byte accuracy for full integrity of your online presence.

Server administration mastery includes the deployment and maintenance of your online investment, the hosting and secure backup of your data, and a great deal more. Call upon Web Design Sun to manage your web and DNS server-related issues, delivering your server administration needs with competence and professional polish.

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