Responsive Web Design

The term responsive web design is met with a shrug of puzzlement by the everyday web user, which is something of a mistake. Without the techniques behind this series of progressive web design adaption tools, a website would be classed as an inflexible creation fit only for desktops. Keep your audience coming from smartphones and tablets, phablets and laptops by joining the mobile revolution. Web Design Sun creates your website with an eye toward the responsive ethos, ensuring your pages display consistently on any platform. Responsive web design is the craft of ensuring web pages adapt to their environment, fluidly expanding or contracting to fit on any screen.

Responsive Web Design - Fluid Layout

Fluid Layout 

A concept based on relative width, fluid design dynamically solves fixed-width woes by expanding and contracting the grid width of a layout dependent on the entirety of the page. Percentages guide the width of sidebars and content. For example, a three column layout would assign the bulk of the percentage setting to content and a smaller viewing space to sidebars, leaving the header and footer at 100% to keep the page consistent across different platforms. Maintains white space between content and images but the technique doesn’t offer ultimate control.

Responsive Web Design - Adaptive Layout

Adaptive Layout 

Responsive web design in this case is managed by media queries, the detection of screen size thanks to the application of CSS code. The layout grid enhances accessibility by selecting a predefined layout grid that relies on the result of a query. That answer is influenced by platform, mobile or desktop, the resolution of the screen, and the chosen aspect ratio. This technique is flexible and focused on user behavior. Web Design Sun creates media query step grids for adaptive design, spotlighting your content and ensuring context is maintained.

Responsive Web Design - Mobile Sites

Mobile Sites 

Optimize your website for the mobile market with a dedicated space that simplifies navigation and viewing on the smallest smartphones. A responsive web design solution that opts for a separate “” version of your website simplifies responsive web design issues by keeping context and focus fixed. The assets of the page are generated by server-side code and arranged to maximize front-end compatibility, making calls for HTML5 and Webkit functions that are locked to the dimensions of the small screen. Mobile sites lean toward fixed-width responsive web design layouts, but they purposefully identify with the mobile market to keep the website streamlined and fast to load.

Responsive Web Design - Bootstrap


A front-end responsive web design framework that combines the power of CSS, Javascript, and HTML, Bootstrap is becoming the new standard for dealing with interface and layout issues. It uses a handy grid system, an intuitive and visual methodology that professional web designers find invaluable in enabling the construction of fully responsive layouts. It contains global CSS components and extensible modules that aid in everything from typography to layout. Also, there’s a library of ready-to-use UI components for making responsive web design a breeze.

Responsive Web Design - Responsive Testing

Responsive Testing 

Balancing the new and the old, the mobile and the fixed, is a headache that web developers cope with daily. Web Design Sun achieves this goal by carrying out tests on a wide selection of devices and browsers, always opting for a comprehensive testing strategy on modern and outdated platforms. We evaluate the performance of layouts on smartphones and tablets, evaluating input and output types to our own exacting standards. A BrowserStack tool comes to the rescue during the test cycle, delivering enhanced testing flexibility to our inspectors as we emulate all possible combinations of screens and browsers.

Responsive Web Design - Сonfiguration of ViewPorts

Сonfiguration of ViewPorts 

Scaling a website downward can result in unattractive layouts that detract from the viewing of the content. An audience is fickle and impatient, thus a potential client is lost. Maintain context and content focus by allowing our team to call upon responsive web design practices to configure viewport specific HTML and CSS meta-tags to override default property attributes and keep the columns and grids of your website intelligently focused on the best layout for your message.

Responsive web design choices are taken from a reservoir of tools and techniques to pair a tailored solution to your website. Capture your mobile audience by opting for Web Design Sun’s targeted responsive web design constructs. Our team of rockstars will go beyond these practices to bring you the best mobile user experience.

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