Print Graphic Design

The visually-rich print graphic design industry has transitioned naturally to websites, to online versions of popular magazines and document-based art forms, but printed work hasn’t exactly been idle while this change of mediums advanced. In fact, we’d say print has become more relevant. It acts as an alternate format when providing added exposure for your company message, getting it out into the real world. You could even say that print graphic design is irreplaceable in a society that still loves the tactile experience.

Print Graphic Design - Posters


Larger than life and stylized to impress, posters are effective sheets of full-colour print that hang on walls. Web Design Sun can build that poster from the ground up to convey a company message with bold typefaces and distinctive imagery. We use vector-based formats that won’t degrade as they’re digitally manipulated, applying print graphic design principles to select images that will resize without looking grainy. Then it’s time to apply our print workflow, converting your digital poster into the CMYK standard used in print.

Print Graphic Design - Banners


We know you’ve seen web banners that stretch across a page to deliver advertisements but the heritage of the banner goes back a great deal further. Early banners were made of paper or fabric, made to be strung across a street or hung above the entrance to a building. We take physical banner creation into the 21st century by constructing on these established practices. We print to multiple materials, detailing the message with bordering line graphics and symbols. Our print graphic design practices work hard to select appropriate background colours and choose the right typeface, ensuring your message reaches its intended market with resounding impact.

Print Graphic Design - Advertising


The global appeal of web design is an apt choice for advertising a product or service to large communities, but print graphic design can localize this practice in a way that the online solution can’t. Employ printed graphics to deliver a message at street level, reaching audiences that don’t inhabit the internet. Advertising through print graphic design can easily sneak into niche areas through strategically placed ads in magazines, lasting for years as the publication moves from office to home, and residence to dental waiting room.

Print Graphic Design - Visit Cards/Envelops/Letters

Visit Cards/Envelops/Letters 

The tangible nature of a visit card is hard to describe but we think it relates to mankind’s need for personal contact. There’s a legitimacy associated with holding a card or envelope that contains your company logo. Company information is boldly printed in an attractive font. The paper used provides a tactile addition to visual input, and letters sport the latest rendition of the company letterhead on watermarked paper. Trust Web Design Sun to attract prospective clients with a print graphic design that flows consistently across your stationary and paper products. We offer professional services designed to make that perfect first impression.

Print Graphic Design - Print for Goods

Print for Goods 

Emphasize brand penetration by adding an extra dimension to the marketing paradigm with wearable items and pocketable products. A T-shirt is productive and acts as a walking advertisement. Place the company logo on the front of the shirt and deliver the rest of the message on the rear of the shirt as the wearer walks on by. A pen provides the same dynamic. Cheap to manufacture and easy to emblazon with company information, they’re pocketed without thought and left on desktops. Embroidered baseball caps, stickers, the professionals at Web Design Sun can customize print graphic design projects for any format.

Print Graphic Design - Drawing by Hand

Drawing by Hand 

There’s no substitute for true artistry, the hand-drawn excellence of an outlined and shaded graphic as created by a skilled crafts person. We employ graphic designers with the skill to put pen to paper with as much aptitude and passion as finger is put to keyboard. Our team can sketch an idea into a print graphic design concept in minutes, or change up the work by creating fully-coloured artworks, drawings that represent real-world scenarios or compelling abstract forms, including cartoon and illustrated portrayals of the essence of the idea.

Working in dots per inch, dpi, alongside our expert manipulation of pixels, Web Design Sun is your professional partner for print graphic design projects. We create something from nothing, presenting the output as a polished print graphic design on paper or fabric.

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