Ongoing Support

Peace of mind has always been a primary factor in deciding on a service provider. You need to know a newly installed home appliance will be covered by a maintenance program or a vehicle will be repaired if it stutters to a stop. Leverage this same line of thinking when having a website designed, and count on your relationship with the Web Design Sun team to support your website after in takes root in the digital wilderness. We’ll insure your website receives the care and professional attention it deserves through the efficient utilization of the below services.

Ongoing Support - Support


We built your website and understand its every function, a fact that makes our ongoing support service tailor-made for monitoring your online presence. We repair broken links, fix image load issues, applying team-focused talent to get to the root of a problem. Relax and focus on your content as we take care of technical problems, ensuring server headaches and portal issues are dealt with. We’ll resolve those visitor and client frustrations, quenching obstacles with our own brand of customer support.

Ongoing Support - Regular Updates

Regular Updates 

Expect regular updates to installed features. HTML and web-associated code are transient beasts, meaning they need to be kept up-to-date to ensure functionality is streamlined and site structure is contemporary. The regular update process also applies to content, to keeping your website fresh and current. We’ll access our ongoing support skills to deliver scheduled updates and backup services, building an organic relationship with your website in the same way we’ve partnered with you, our client.

Ongoing Support - Fast Response

Fast Response 

Let’s face it, ongoing support practices aren’t worth much without a fast response. A domain problem can happen at any time of the day, and we live in a global community where time zones complicate matters. Call on Web Design Sun for a 16-hours a day 7-days a week response time for issues, a flexible approach that adapts to client needs. We’re also devoted to the other end of this equation, our response time when communicating with you. We treat you as a member of the team, keeping you in the loop when putting our ongoing support strategy in motion.

Ongoing Support - Landing Pages

Landing Pages 

The function of an effective landing page is to provide a dramatic entry point for visitors. We design our landing pages with strategically placed content that acts as a summary of the website, placing directional cues and informational images on one page. Taking the landing page under the umbrella of ongoing support, it’s essential that this page functions as intended. Web Design Sun understands the market importance of this business-centric page, and we reserve extra resources when ensuring it operates as intended.

Ongoing Support - Removal of Viruses

Removal of Viruses 

If the internet is a digital jungle, then viruses are the predators that seek to pull your website down. It’s difficult to discern the reason for the creation of this malware, but our ongoing support team is well-versed in identifying and rooting out infections before they can lead to nasty problems such as stolen data. We eliminate spyware and virus infections in a timely manner.

Ongoing Support - Documentation/Video Tutorials

Documentation/Video Tutorials 

You have access to our flexible response time promises night and day, but this is your asset. Take control with authority by following our series of easy to follow tutorials so that you can take the reins and make your own updates. Detailed documentation allows you to learn the behind-the-scenes controls of your investment at your own pace while video tutorials illustrate key points with a click of a mouse button. We create these videos to match your technical level, letting you learn the minimum settings or the most comprehensive functions.

Ongoing Support - Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes 

Take the ongoing support model a step further with detailed bug fix solutions. Even the latest browsers and responsive frameworks have issues that effect their smooth functionality, and don’t get us started on the problems with operating systems. Thankfully, the manufacturers of these frameworks provide bug fixes at regular intervals. Web design faces the same issues. For example, a formerly secure piece of code is suddenly found to be a security risk, or a CSS bug may affect the way the website displays on a particular platform. These are all part of web design, something ongoing support deals with by creating and issuing fixes.

Web Design Sun flanks all of these potential pitfalls with a flexible and fast support program. We fix the bugs, update content and code, and remove viruses to keep your investment current and responsive from the moment you go live.

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