Graphic Design

It’s the task of an IT team to condense client ideas and company philosophies into a form that creates instant impact, one that translates complex values into a vision that represents corporate identity. Graphic designers achieve this goal by interpreting the aforementioned ideas into rich illustrations, juxtapositions of colour, and optimized animations. Finally, design practices are artistic, but they’re also backed by a strategy. They combine continuity with subtle accents that epitomize corporate colours, a logo, and larger than life interactive elements such as customized menus, sliders, and buttons.

Graphic Design - Logo Design

Logo Design 

Projecting an idea into a compact graphic is a skill that requires talent and perception. Here at Web Design Sun, we collaborate with you to stylize a logo that can reverberate with a visitor in many ways. The graphic will carry a concentrated depiction of urban appeal, professional sophistication, edginess, or any other emotional trigger designed for a particular segment of the market. Additionally, graphic design principles pull art and technology together to create vector graphics, typeface-focused logo designs, hand-drawn illustrations, and more. The logo can then be proudly emblazoned on letterheads, brochures, and digital content to clarify company image.

Graphic Design - Colour Schemes

Colour Schemes 

A rich palette of strategically selected colours can make or break a graphic design project. The hues applied can come from a pool of as few as two or three solids, but those digital pigments can be shaded and varied to add depth and dimension to the design. Patterns and textures pick up the colour selections to lend consistency to the design, and it’s the role of this selection to match the identity set by the client. That identity extends the colour scheme from the digital realm, taking the shades to office decor, company packaging, and business stationary. Rely on the graphic design aptitude of Web Design Sun to select PANTONE matched shades and to maintain the integrity of your colour palette in a consistent manner.

Graphic Design - Graphic Web Design

Graphic Web Design 

Interpreting a graphic design, converting it into a compelling and dynamic online is the challenge our web design studio undertakes every day. We commit to keeping colours and content consistent, to ensuring images rendered in a physical design are transposed to the digital sphere with a backing framework of web standard code to focus and enhance brand awareness. In short, the same graphics that have been reproduced on company letterheads and brochures are transformed into a highly functional website complete with a roadmap of linked pages.

Graphic Design - Mobile Graphic Design

Mobile Graphic Design 

The evolution of the mobile age has altered the workflow of IT professionals. Graphic design now has to account for different platforms. There’s touchscreens and different aspect ratios to deal with, screens that offer conflicting resolutions, and other diverse factors that could obstruct an optimal viewing experience. The solution is to apply responsive design, to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards to ensure your website scales automatically to any mobile device. Graphic design aids in this fluid process by ensuring image elements scale and reposition as a media query is called into action, thus avoiding breaks in the user experience.

Graphic Design - Custom Graphic Elements

Custom Graphic Elements 

As mentioned previously, customized graphic elements blend with the bulk of the graphic design to forge a seamless overall presentation. The positioning of content, amount of visible white space, selected colour schemes, all fuse with added components to project a fully-rounded thematic impact. We’re talking about kickass sliders that emphasize company sophistication, retro banners and menus with intriguing appeal, perfect for a vintage clothing company, perhaps. These added elements, static icons and dynamic navigational tools, are a delight to use, providing the graphic design equivalent of added spice.

Graphic Design - Animation


The moving image draws the eyes attention without a visitor ever taking conscious action. That’s the power of animation. Take a look back to early internet pages. Most of the technology has faded into obscurity but animation is still very much part of graphic design, possibly because the mind loves movement, the interplay of fun graphical elements. The GIF animation, an image format that lends itself naturally to simple animations, and Flash animation are the two established online formats for animating optimized web graphics, but HTML5 is challenging the dominance of these two standards.

Graphic design is the art of translating an abstract idea into a series of visual images. Shift this line of thinking sideways, onto the internet, and the design remains much the same on the surface, but the visuals are now connected to a powerful framework of interactive code, SEO optimized and market ready to deliver company identity.

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