The internet generates winds of change every day. One example is societies acceptance of online communications, the trend for sending instant messages and videos. The way you shop has taken just as sharp a swing, taking you from traditional exchanges of currency to a business model where the retail environment is conveniently online. You can buy and sell anything on the internet from the comfort of your home if you understand how these virtual storefronts work, so let’s see look at some of the ways you can embed your own shopping cart within a website and get paid for a product or services rendered.

eCommerce - WooCommerce


This easy to install plugin adds eCommerce functionality to WordPress websites. The focus is on free and easy here, as WordPress is a favored blogging platform and CMS (content management system) used by millions. Features managed by the command center include inventory management, product settings, shipping options, and account settings. Positioned as an ideal eCommerce solution for novices.

eCommerce - Bigcommerce


A highly regarded option among retailers, Bigcommerce is built to integrate quickly within a website. The software is Secure and impressively capable. Technically, the product is configured to host a shopping cart on dedicated servers, thus there’s always plenty of bandwidth for transactions. The software includes a plethora of tools including store templates, tutorials, a configurable control panel, analytics, Quickbooks integration, SEO tools, and much more.

eCommerce - PrestaShop


Eclipsing competitors by integrating 310 eCommerce features in one package, Prestashop is an eCommerce solution for those with big aspirations. It includes tools for eBay integration, inventory management, and a tabbed control interface for accessing everyday operations. Analytics, SSL certification security, and flexible shipping options compete with simplified account creation and enhanced checkout functionality for sales-simplifying flexibility. Also includes an SEO and marketing module.

eCommerce - CS-Cart


The template-based accessibility features of a CS-Cart account make this software simple to configure and setup, a big positive when realizing that this feature-rich eCommerce solution has all the PHP an MySQL bells and whistles of a far more complex application. The shopping cart integrates within a website or can be setup as a standalone retail shop. There’s three versions to consider. The first is free, the second is regarded as the standard or ultimate package, and the third is a multi-vendor edition.

eCommerce - Shopify


Sporting a wealth of handy tools, Shopify is a popular eCommerce solution for selling anything online. Sell from the comfort of a home office by customizing the look of the online storefront with themes. Automate commonly accessed eCommerce activities with hundreds of tools that intuitively smooth the creation of checkout pages, SEO practices, and the organization of product. Automated features include the setting of shipping rates dependent on carrier selection, and location-based tax settings.

eCommerce - Open Cart

Open Cart 

Swap templates and enter retailer data to be selling within minutes. Take advantage of localization and global features to setup the software for use in different languages. Leverage the same functionality to assign tax rates and shipping costs when completing a checkout process, and rely on open source PHP coding to ensure the software is compatible with web standards. Includes an SEO-friendly workflow, thousands of extensions, and an administration module.

eCommerce - PayPal


Every eBay seller knows of the universal appeal of PayPal. This payment processing gateway pervades the internet, and there’s good reason for this. Paypal requires no more than a valid email address to set up an account. There’s no setup fees to offset, and the embedding of a Paypal button on a website can be accomplished in mere minutes. It’s worth noting that the PayPal route isn’t considered a full eCommerce solution, as there’s no virtual shopping cart or sellers tools, but the button can be associated with any bank and credit card, plus advanced merchant services are available.

eCommerce - Authorize.Net


As with the above eCommerce solution, is more of a digital wallet than a shopping cart. The processing portal provides the means for creating a unified payment structure. Create an account, associate it with retailer banks and/or credit cards, and the application becomes a VPOS, a virtual Point Of Service system for speedy authorization of a sale. Includes a PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry) shopping cart option for combining the best of both worlds, website shopping and card reader mobility.

Digital cash is the way forward, but those ones and zeros are still real money, meaning it’s essential that a website is equipped with a secure eCommerce solution if someone wishes to become part of this evolutionary change.

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