Corporate Identity

Establishing a unique corporate identity is a skill that Web Design Sun has worked hard to hone. Our talented team of professionals accomplishes this challenging task by incorporating color palettes and design influences that already work in print. We bring the static letterheads on business documents and emblazoned logos on business cards to life, translating those marketing concepts into forms that work well in the digital domain. In short, we ensure that the first digital impression is a lasting and positive one.

Corporate Identity - Overall Image

Overall Image 

It’s a fast-paced business world, one where we’re constantly assaulted by different brands. Standing out in the crowd requires the cohesive and consistent presentation of an image. Branding solutions in this scenario require solutions that express the core message of an organization in easy to understand terms. Visual devices create the impact and a favorable brand image, employing everything from a brand-consistent office space and uniform to the stationary and packaging that combines with web content to reflect the desired identity of the business.

Corporate Identity - Visual Identity

Visual Identity 

The graphical component of this marketing equation is the opening salvo our team calls upon to build an effective corporate identity. The strategy involves a unified approach, the creation of a color palette, a logo, and a distinctive layout that expresses a client’s persona. Here at Web Design Sun, we tailor our design workflow to represent each clients vision. We use current corporate elements or create an attention-grabbing visual brand through our own in-house graphic design solutions.

Corporate Identity - Corporate Colors

Corporate Colors 

The human brain perceives light and color before ever reading the contents of a webpage. We use this principle to tie web elements into one tidy and consistent package. Corporate identity evolves quickly from this focus on color and texture. Imagine a food company that uses the healthy hues of food colors or the pastels of a lingerie company using shades of pink and peach. Such corporate identity practices combine naturally with images and typeface content to create an attractive and cohesive message.

Corporate Identity - Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo 

Arguably the heart of any corporate identity, the company logo is the exemplification of business intent. Every pixel matters here. Variations of the logo could involve a simple two-tone symbol or an abstract form of the company name. Whichever is chosen, the resulting graphic will find its way onto everything from company brochures to letterheads. Count on the graphic designing prowess of Web Design Sun to hand-draw or computer illustrate anything from a complex drawing to a cool animated graphic of the company logo.

Corporate Identity - Nation Branding

Nation Branding 

Let us create a multi-hued story with cultural references and nation branding practices. This strategy is perfect for attracting localized customers who relate to a product or brand. Customer loyalty is a significant part of corporate identity, and we use this as an asset, a distinct part of the marketing framework. As advocates of a truly international internet community, we believe our nation branding strategy is important in creating a rapport between business companies and targeted audiences.

For a superior corporate identity, it takes more than the fusion of web design and artistic inspiration. Web design Sun focuses on the characteristics of a brand to create a strategy that integrates cultural values and overall national marketing resolve. In short, your corporate identity will be reflected by the color palette used on the website, by each choice of typeface, thus leveraging brand personality to showcase your organization’s image.

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